< Begoos Galaxy S6 Sleeve

After a long wait I finally got a new sleeve for my Galaxy S6 Edge.


The Begoos, sold here on Etsy, came wrapped in an envelope with my first name written on it and a tiny leaflet explaining the sleeve and washing instructions.


The sleeve is very high quality. The fabric and stitching is top notch, and the magnetic flap for keeping your phone snug is very durable. There’s also a slot for business cards, Visa cards, etc.


I went for a sleeve because the Samsung flip case I bought adds a fair bit of bulk to my phone. It’s the one thing I don’t like about cases and back plates. The S6 Edge is so light and sleek on its own, so using a sleeve seems like the best of both worlds. I’ll probably keep the flip case for when I’m out.

Big thanks to Linda at Begoos for giving me such great service.