< Being A Night Owl

I find daytime absolutely exhausting. It’s blinding, noisy and overwhelming. I can endure very little of it before lethargy hits me like a ton of bricks. If I shut the curtains and hit the sack during the day, I’ll fall asleep without the slightest bit of effort.

Night time is the opposite in every way. Sleep is impossible from 10pm onwards. Doors in my mind reopen. The creative juices start to flow. Movies and games feel more immersive. Mr. Commitment and Mr. Obligation take a hike. Even the sky clears and the universe opens its arms.

Science tells me I’m a child of fantastic light and commotion, but I find freedom, energy and inspiration in a world dark and still. It’s awfully convenient that my work and opportunities come from the other side of the planet.

It’s 9am. My eyes are snapping shut and I’m starting to write pseudo-philosophical drivel. Time for bed.