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‘Gravity’ (2013) – What I didn’t like

Characters, characters, characters. A good story hinges on them, and a good film hinges on a good story. No matter what a film launches you through, if the characters don’t resonate with you and face personal triumphs and challenges, the film leaves you as you walk out of the cinema. I’ll never forget ‘Contact’ by […]

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To Manila

I’m on my flight back to Australia after finding a brand new apartment in Manila. JetStar gave me free extra leg room! I’ve always wanted to live somewhere central and this is it – 30 floors above the second largest mall in the Philippines with a fantastic view of the city. Food, furniture, gadgets, clothes, […]

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Facebook buys Oculus: Why I’m Worried

Recently I’ve been testing the first development kit of the Oculus Rift, and I’m so taken aback by the experience that I would happily replace my gaming screen with a Rift if the technology was taken to the next level. If you think 3D movie glasses are good, you need to try this. Your depth […]

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