< Why I Don’t Take Requests

I deeply appreciate it when somebody takes the time to write to me. Some of the letters I get are absolutely amazing and I save them to a Notebook in my Evernote.

However, I have to say — I’m perplexed every time someone throws me a casual request as if they’re operating a slot machine. There’s obviously a meeting of two very different mentalities here, so I thought I’d just put mine out there to help folks understand where I’m coming from.

My art is an expression of my self, and it requires an enormous amount of time and personal investment to create what you see on my channel. There’s a line between inspiration and obligation that a lot of people don’t seem to grasp, because I see requests in my inbox every day and they genuinely bewilder me. I think true inspiration comes from within, and I don’t feel it’s a selfish perspective I have — it’s simply acknowledging the nature of art and the importance of the personal relationship I have with my music and videos. Outside of my career, I have absolutely no interest in locking myself in a cave and twisting my soul for two weeks purely for someone else’s amusement.

Nonetheless it warms my heart when people do write in and I’m very grateful for the words of support. It’s a tremendous feeling to connect with people so personally across such massive gaps and distances. Thanks for tuning in, guys.