< XBox One Elite Controller

I couldn’t resist taking some snaps of the new XBox pad! It came bundled with my XBox One Elite.


The controller feels heavier and more solid than the standard version. There’s also diamond rubber grips on the back. The triggers can be adjusted to depress only a small fraction, which reduces fatigue and makes it easier to fire repeatedly.


The thumb sticks are magnetised to the balls in the controller, and can be swapped easily with the different sticks included. Some sticks are longer which give you more precision, while the round rubber pads improve control. Using the long round rubber for my aim, I feel more agile in shooters like Halo and COD and it actually feels more fun to play.


The package includes a very nice zip pouch which sports the XBox logo on the front and houses the controller with all the bits.


Four paddles can be hinged into slots on the back of the controller for extra functions, which can be mapped and customised using the free XBox Accessories app. I feel the paddles are too easy to press accidentally, because they’re positioned on parts of the controller that you instinctively grip. Even placing the controller on a surface, the paddles will sometimes depress.


Unfortunately, the addition of rear paddles and buttons has required a redesign of the battery door. This means that if you’re using a charging station with a battery pack like in the photo above, it’s unlikely the battery door will fit because the positions of the tab slots have changed. My battery pack stands proud in the middle so the door that comes with the Elite controller won’t fit either.


Overall it’s a very nice bit of kit. Exceptional build quality and very customisable. The only real downside to the Elite controller is the obsession you’ll find in keeping it clean.